It is so exciting when your child wins an award…but where do most trophy’s end up? Collecting dust!! Now there is a way to showcase all of your child’s achievements with The Glitzy Girl Brag Bracelet. No matter what sport or interest your child has, we have a charm collection for you to “Wear your wins”. Our everyday custom wear bangles all come with a genuine Swarovski crystal signature charm from glitzy girl. Each sport and activity has its own set of add-on charms toting today’s hottest saying! From Dance, Cheerleading, and Softball to Karate and Pageant you will find a collection right for you.
The Glitzy Girl Collection was created with love by Toddlers & Tiaras star Isabella Barrett and her mom Susanna. After being in the pageant world and winning big, Isabella’s mom wanted to brag about her wins but she couldn’t carry around all the trophies and tiaras so the accomplishment bracelet was born. Each of Isabella’s wins from “most photogenic” to “grand supreme” could be worn on her patterned charm bracelet. It didn’t take long for Bella’s friends to want a brag bracelet of their own for dance, Karate, and cheerleading accomplishments. Today we introduce to you the first ever accomplishment bracelet for kids to adults. Whether your daughter is making her first vault in gymnastics or going to nationals with her dance team we have an accomplishment charm for you. Now some of the top sports including Dance, Gymnastics , Soccer, Cheer can share in the Wear your wins experience . We are so proud to have Chloe & Maddie from Dance moms, Alisha Dunlap her daughters Cambree and Casadee from Cheer Perfection part of the Glitzy Girl Family.  
In honor of Isabella’s Sister Victoria who survived a horrific teen bulling incident that left her with a traumatic injury.
Isabella pledges to help fund teen bulling centers around the country. To hear Victoria’s story or to share yours please go to our website